Nothing to Be Afraid of

A new beginning…. A new journey has begun…  Last Saturday night, I officially moved from living in Louisville, KY to the town of Radcliff, KY as a part of the start of my new internship with Stithton Baptist Church in Louisville. The next day, I had my final Sunday as a member of First Korean Baptist Church in Louisville. It was a sad day as I said goodbye to an incredible group of friends but also my fellow believers in Christ.  Then, a few hours later, I am being introduced to the congregation of Stithton Baptist Church in Radcliff.  This is where the journey really starts….

Monday and Tuesday, I was thrown into the fire by learning the different procedures of the church, staff meetings, Southern Seminary housekeeping items (Monday), finally unpacking (Monday), etc… The transition from FKBC to SBC was fast and relentless.  I did not sleep well at all from the past few days. As I was talking with my youth pastor Adam on Tuesday, he said that I had the fastest transition of anyone going into internship with a church that he had ever heard about. Usually, I would have a game plan for everything but instead I was working on my game plan as the internship was ongoing. It was the opposite for the youth pastor, Tyler, as he had his game plan and everything planned out.

Wednesday, we spent the day cleaning out the youth storage area, which hasn’t been cleaned out in over 10 years. I feel like I was in an episode of Storage Wars. We found so many different things in the storage area that would amaze you.  I was also officially introduced as the intern the same night to the student ministry at Stithton. This group will the greatest challenge that I have ever faced before in ministry.  But God sometimes places us in difficult situations to grow us in our relationship with Christ.

Yesterday, I had to finish removing items from the youth room for Sunday morning, internet problems in our house, handling the installation of software on computers, etc…  It was a relentless day filled with challenges.

I do know that God is with Tyler and myself to serve this group of students that we have been called to love and minister to…

Prayer requests for this week: things to finalize for Southern Seminary for the fall semester, strength, etc…




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