An Unexpected Journey

This week has been a roller-coaster ride from start to finish.  I will discuss about this week. (I will not talk about last weekend)   On Monday, I needed to talk with housing about whether I was going to live in the same dorm room or move to a different dorm. I was hesitant on moving again for the 8th time in under a year. Housing made an error and I was going to stay in the same dorm. Tuesday, I finally watched Spider-man Homecoming and it was awesome. It is now recognized as my fifth favorite MCU movie. Wednesday afternoon, I was heading out for a long time when my friend Nelly gave me an opportunity that only God would provide. He gave the opportunity to become the Youth Ministry Intern at Stinton Baptist Church in Radcliff, KY with free housing, being paid every two weeks, etc…  I only told three people about it (Duane, Aaron, and David) before I sat down that night and talked with him about his ministry plan. I didn’t want to tell too many people about it because I needed more details.  After hearing it, I agreed to become his intern. All of this happened in under 12 hours.  The roller coaster ride started. I really became excited about this opportunity but also sad for the amazing people that I got to serve at First Korean Baptist Church for under a year. I started to accept Korean culture ( I was learning words in Korean) and really started to bond with the student ministry there.  I cried so much that night and thanked God in pray for this opportunity, God’s Will to be done, etc…

Yesterday,  I told my parents, Duane, Adam, Aaron, Joe, Josh, and a few other people about this opportunity and discussing it with them before making it Facebook official.  I started to begin packing for the 8th time in under a year to Radcliff. Nelly and myself had dinner last night to talk about our goals and plans for the next year. Then, I saw Shisung, one of the youth at FKBC, last night and told him about it.  He was excited but also sad at the same time.

The internship will allow me to lead the Middle School part of the student ministry in preaching on Wednesday nights and teaching on Sunday mornings.

Prayer Requests: packing for this upcoming move tomorrow and next Tuesday, trying to plan out how am I going to teach through 1 and 2 Peter for 4 months, and so many more requests that are unspoken.

To God Be the Glory…




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