Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Another week in my life is done.  Here is a quick recap.

Last Friday, I finally finished reading the last book for my Old Testament II class.  On Sunday, I started listening to a K-Pop band that was used for our skit at the retreat: BTS. I thought that I would not get back to listening to boy band music. I lived through the late 90’s boy band movement in the U.S.  I try not to remember that time period.  I have a hard time categorizing as a pop band because they have hip/hop and rap elements.

Monday, I officially started to write my final paper for OT II class. Had a bad case of writer’s block and started to write the paper again on Tuesday.  Had a bad case of writer’s block again.  I went to watch War for the Planet of the Apes Tuesday night. It was an incredible movie experience. One of the best conclusions to a trilogy every made period.   I cried five times in that movie.  A+

Wednesday, I read The Slayer Chronicles: Second Chance, Nightwing Vol. 1: Better than Batman, and had my quiet time with God in the morning before writing my paper in the afternoon. (I am always a better writer in the afternoon than in the morning.) Also, reading different books or graphic novels always help get the brain going in the midst of having writer’s block.  I met up with Joe at Starbucks. Hopefully writing in a different place will get the brain going.  I finished two pages of the paper.

Yesterday, I wrote another page on the paper. Still needing two more pages to be done and completed. That will officially end my summer class.

Prayer requests for the upcoming week: finishing the paper this weekend, safe travels back to visit my parents for a few days (sorry: I have to cancel my trip to Murfreesboro this weekend. I will be back there before the semester starts. I need to find a book that I own that I need for one of classes this fall), and to be more consistent in walking with Christ.

Thanks for reading…



2 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat, and Tears

  1. Praying for you to get those creative juices flowing so you can finish your paper. Did you try starting with the ending and going back to make and expand points ? I find this helps me stay on topic. Wishing you safe travels!


    • I don’t think that I have ever started writing a paper backwards. Best way for me to get through writer’s block is to write through it or always reading fiction, etc… to get the creativity going.


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