Darkness into Light

In this week’s journal, I will be strictly talking about the joint retreat for Korean churches across Kentucky and Tennessee that happened this week that I got to participate as chaperone and Green Team Leader.  (FYI: I am not going to talking about what happened in my life from last Thursday thru Sunday.)   The event was held at Oasis Christian Center in Franklin, KY.  The theme of the retreat was Darkness into Light and the main passage was from 1 Peter 2:9.

It all started on Monday afternoon that I would be the leader of Green Team from Pastor Joe and in charge of leading Green Team in the various activities and skit preparation of the next two days.  Before opening worship that night, I had the opportunity to get to know all of the students of Green Team: Suzie, Jeremiah, Paul, Laycee, Eric, Ben and Annie (who were from FKBC and already knew them) in our icebreaker game and it was very awkward. Every person in Green Team came from different churches, backgrounds, etc…  It was awkward for me too as this was the first time that I had ever lead a group of students before.

After our 1st worship service later that night, I had the opportunity to talk with our guest speaker for the week: Pastor Hyung Lee. (Thanks Pastor An for teaching me this word before hand).  In the midst of our conversation, I mentioned that I attended the Send North America Conference in Nashville, TN in August 2015.  Ironically, he attended the same conference. What a coincidence.  (It’s a Small World After All)

Over the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), the students of Green Team went from awkward to extremely competitive for the team activities and had to perform a skit on Wednesday afternoon. As the leader, I had to keep time, motivate, encourage, etc… for the activities. In preparation for the skit Tuesday afternoon, they had talked me into performing a dance with them at the end. I had to learn how to dance like a K-Pop star which was challenging for me.  We had a early dance practice Wednesday morning without a script.  In our preparation afternoon before the skit, they wrote the entire script with some input from me in under 90 minutes. Originally, I had a supporting role in the skit that ended up turning into the main actor of the skit. I had to learn a Korean word to open the skit and memorizing lines.  To make things even better, Eric and Ben put masking tape on me to make me look like a K-Pop star. I lost probably 5 to 7 pounds being in masking tape for almost an hour and a half due to profusely sweating.  So the skit went well minus a few hiccups and two moments where I had to ad-lib or overact.

Wednesday night, Green Team was recognized as the second best team of the night due to the incredible performance in the team activities, skit, and won an incredible assortment of prizes.   (By the way, this was due to the fact that Red Team won Wednesday’s activities and Pastor Joe wanted to recognize the second best team of the day). In overall, Green Team finished in third place.   They deserved being recognized Wednesday night.  (All of this took place after worship Wednesday night.)

Wednesday night, we got to experience an incredible worship service in which Pastor Hyung talked about how that Jesus is better than the prophets and angels. Then we had prayer time that lasted for 75 mins. in which we prayed for our leaders that weekend, family, had group prayer time with our churches, etc…  I really felt that the Holy Spirit moved through everyone that was there.

The last morning at the retreat is usually tiring for everyone and usually sad as you leave to go back into our respective towns in Kentucky and Tennessee.

A couple of closing thoughts:

One:     The retreat helped me to realize that Jesus is better than anyone of the things that we like and far more important than anything else.  It helped me to reorient my thoughts, desires, and priorities in life that Jesus is number one. I know that this has been an area that I have struggled in for the past few months.

Two:       It confirmed that God placed me with a group of people at FKBC that I really could help shape and encourage the amazing students there. I had people that I knew at Southern who really questioned me on being apart of the English Ministry at a Korean church without knowing much Korean words. (I am still working on that by the way.) I have given them my explanation on numerous occasions. I love getting to know and work with Pastor Joe and Josh on a weekly basis.  Also, getting to work and getting to know the other people from FKBC and the other Korean churches better.

Finally:    The retreat helped me to understand on how to become a better leader. I never got to lead students before at a retreat, D-Now, etc… It helped to better listener, explain, and know about strengths and weaknesses of a team. It was incredible learning experience of being the Green Team leader and learning how to become a better servant for God.

To God be the Glory…


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