The Journey Continues

Welcome to the first journal entry for the month of July.  It has been an incredible adventure over the past few days. Here is a quick recap of events that has happened last week.

Last Thursday, I talked with my friend/former student Colton about his life, Taekwondo, etc… for over an hour. I even through out a idea about a series of blogs that I will be working on after I finish all of the assignments for my Summer class.  This idea will require me to do research on this topic.    Last Friday,  I learned how to play a few Korean games which was cool and painful on my hands at the same time.

I did return to Nashville last Saturday night to watch the final home game of 2017 for the Nashville SC, which is the soccer team that will make its USL debut next year, with my friends Rob and Julian.  It was my first ever soccer game and it was an incredible experience that I will remember for a long time because they played soccer and understood the game a lot better. Even though, Nashville SC did not win, I see a lot that the future is bright for the team and continuing growth of Nashville into an elite sports market.  I did get to hangout with my friend Bryan and stayed at his house for the night in Murfreesboro.  We talked about life, tons of laughs, etc… On Sunday, I did get to attend 3BC, which is my home/support church in seminary.  Afterwards, I did get to finally see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, which was an ok sequel. Could have been much better but the ending to the movie is one of the best that I have seen in a long time.  These two days were the best days of this year so far. It was great to have fun and be energetic for a change.

After the long drive, I returned to Louisville Sunday afternoon.  I did run into Pastor Ahn Sunday night by coincidence Sunday night and ended up giving me a mini-fridge that he had.  Thank you for the mini-fridge.

Monday, I did a lot of reading for my summer class.  Yesterday, I celebrated the Fourth of July by watching King Arthur: Legend of the Sword at the budget movie theater. I really enjoyed the movie for its unique take on the legend of King Arthur.  I did also watch The Street Fighter for the first time starring Sonny Chiba. Incredible martial arts movie.  I got to conclude the day by enjoying being around my fellow members of FKBC for a potluck dinner.

Prayer requests for this upcoming week: the upcoming retreat next week which is Monday thru Thursday, reading for my summer class, and a couple of unspoken requests.

See you next time.

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