I Don’t Know Why

This is the final weekly journal entry for the month of June.   Here is a recap of what has happened these past few days.  Last Thursday and Friday,  I called some friends and family to tell them about my new cell phone number. Most of them did not answer because they had thought that I was a salesman trying to sell them a product on the phone.  (Funny)      I have been listening to the new Imagine Dragons cd, Evolve non-stop for the past few days since it’s release last Friday. Terrific album.   Last Friday night at FKBC, it was another Youth United event with all of the Korean churches in Louisville.

Saturday, I watched Transformers: The Last Knight with my friend Kenny. We both agreed that it action over story. I did not really like it even though I thought it was the second best Transformers movie behind the first one.  I did finish taking my final exam in Intro to Old Testament Sunday afternoon.  It was much easier than what I had thought it was going to be.  Monday and Tuesday have been reading days to finish all of the reading requirements that I have for my summer class.  I will say this: I have been working on a new remix project for over a week now and it has been my most ambitious to date. In fact, I did leave the release date of this project on Instagram in a cryptic way.

Prayer requests for next week: Tons of reading that I need to finish and safe travels for a short trip back to Murfreesboro this Sat.- thru Mon to watch the Nashville SC play.

Thanks for reading and see you later.



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