Shadow of The Day

Welcome to the first journal of the summer. I know it has been a month since the last time that I wrote about my continuing journey in seminary. So, here is a quick recap of what has happened over the past month.

I passed all three of my classes for the spring semester at Southern Seminary: Personal Evangelism, Intro to New Testament I, and Personal Spiritual Disciplines.  I moved out of my apartment back into the dorms with help from Joe and Jongin. I finished the section of Romans that I was teaching through for Friday Night Bible Study with the student ministry at FKBC three weeks ago.  I have spent most of my summer so far hanging out with my friend Kenny.  Last week, I helped out with VBS at FKBC being the assistant teacher for Missions. It lasted Monday through Wednesday. Last weekend, I returned back to the amazing town known as Murfreesboro for the weekend. I got to see so many amazing friends and people from my former church, 3BC.  I am so proud of the Nashville Predators for getting to the Stanley Cup Finals. I know that they lost a few days ago but I am so proud of this team for courage and not giving up. I spent the past few weeks returning into a die-hard hockey fan.  It has been so hard the past few years of not keep up with them but I follow them when the NHL playoffs roll around.

So, as of this writing, I am undergoing my first ever summer class, Intro to Old Testament II.  I am really enjoying this class. It has been a challenge because of the amount of information given to me in a week.

Prayer requests for this week: safe traveling back to visit my family this Saturday to spend a few days with them and for my exam that I have to take for Intro to OT II next week.

Thanks for reading and continuing to support the journey of my seminary life.  See you later.


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