Week 14: The Covenant

This week has been very long and difficult. Here is a summary of some events from this past week. Last Friday, my day consisted of a meeting with Pastor An, working on the PowerPoint for Bible Study, and leading Bible Study that night. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday consisted of reading a lot, not sleeping well, and not talking a lot.  Wednesday, I another meeting with Dr. Pierre. It went really well.  I also had my final accountability meeting with William.  Yesterday was the final day of classes. I did get a Bible commentary of Psalms and another book from one of my classes. I had to sing my fight song from UT Martin to get the first crack at prizes. I did finish all of my prep for Bible Study last night.

I have not been sleeping well at all this week. All of the schoolwork, prep for Bible Study, anxiety, mood swings, etc… has made me very crazy and not able to be around people that much.  I am working through this issues with Dr. Pierre. I am ready for this semester to end next week. It has been the worst semester for me since being at UT Martin in 2010.

Pray for me this week as I have to prepare for Bible Study next week, two exams that has to be completed online, preparing to pack and move to a different dorm, anxiety, and patience.

Thank you so much for reading, prayers, and encouragement.  Have a great day, everyone.




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