Week 13: All for Nothing

This week has been a journey filled with ups and downs.  Here is a summary of important events from this past week.  Last Saturday, I watched The Shallows, a really good survival thriller. I also watched some basketball with Slim and Johnny. Sunday, I had a great conversation with one of my former students Ben. Monday, I had the first of four meetings this week with our pastor Joe. Tuesday, I had my third meeting with Dr. Pierre. The meeting went well. Also on Tuesday, I began my study through the book of Romans that I will be leading on Friday night Bible Study with the FKBC student ministry.  Wednesday, I did meet up with my accountability partner, William. I also celebrated Alien Day by listening to selections from all of movies in the Alien franchise. Yesterday, I had a great discussion with Pastor An and William about life, difficulties of speaking languages, and music.  I also forgot that I did get a 97 on my personal testimony assignment last Friday.

Updates: My sleep this past week has been mixed. It has been a struggle to sleep on some nights. But I have been able to go back to sleep because of prayer, music, and reading.   I have also been getting my anxiety under control because I start thinking about things that I have no control in life, I pray to God to remove those thoughts and they go away within moments.

Prayer requests for this week: For Bible Study tonight (students and myself) that the Holy Spirit would move and open conversations, preparing for next week’s Bible Study, a few unspoken requests, sleep, anxiety, and to finish the semester strong.

Thanks for reading and supporting my journey in seminary.

Have a great day, everyone.

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