Week 12: Cut to The Chase

This week has been pretty good. Here is a brief summary of important events from this past week. On Friday night, we had an incredible Good Friday service with all of the combined Korean youth groups in Louisville.  Saturday was my R&R day, in which I did rewatch Star Wars Rogue One.  Sunday, we had a joint Korean/English ministry Easter service. Tuesday, I had my second meeting with Dr. Pierre. The meeting went well and we are going to have another meeting next Tuesday. Wednesday, I did get into a class that I needed for the Fall Semester especially since that the class is offered once a year. My meeting with my accountability partner, William went well.  Yesterday, Pastor An got his prospectus approved and he is able to start writing his dissertation.  I am so happy for him.

My sleep has been good this week. Not so much sleep on Wednesday night. I tried everything. It finally took me reading some scenes from the script to Inception to finally put me to sleep.  My mood swings did return yesterday and caused some frustration/anger problems but I prayed about those and those problems did go away.

My prayer requests for this week: NT 1 exam that I have to take on Saturday, leading Friday night Bible next week, balancing, stress, and anxiety.

Thanks for reading and following The Real World of Leo.

See you later….




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