Week 10: Spark It Up

This week has been very relaxing and trying to catch up with reading and writing because it is spring break.  This past weekend, I made a return trip to Murfreesboro to see friends who I have not seen in a month. It was a great homecoming even though I got stuck in five traffic jams in a span of three and half days in Nashville and outside of Murfreesboro. I did watch the adaptation of Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson last Sunday and it was a disappointing movie. I made it back safely to Louisville on Monday.  I had a great meeting with Pastor Joe Monday afternoon. The past few days, Tuesday-Thursday,  I have either been writing, reading, or relaxing.  I did get a chance to finally watch first and only season of Barracuda, an Australian show about swimming and it was brilliant.

This past week of sleep has been an improvement over last month. Thank God for this answered prayer.

Prayer requests for this week: Pray for this weekend as I have a few things that are going on this weekend and the final few weeks of the semester.

Thank you for reading another edition of The Real World of Leo.  I do want to say thank you for your continued prayers.  See you later.



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