Week 9: Hold The Line

This week has been a very tough and strange. Before, I discuss about the tough aspects of this week, I want to focus on some positive things for this week.  Friday and Saturday were awesome days for me. The first time in a long time where that I was very outgoing and positive. I did see the Power Rangers movie again on last Saturday. I loved it even more the second time. I did finish watching The Crown last Friday. Really good TV show on Netflix.  Yesterday, I had a great evangelism opportunities to love the amazing community of Louisville by paying for people to use the laundromat from our church. It was great to see the faces of the people who we, Sam, Channy, and myself, gave money to pay for their laundry light up and showed Love in Action (Romans 12) to them.

A short comment on my meeting with Dr. Pierre, who is the Biblical Counselor that I meet up with on Wednesday to discuss about my sleep problems. I will say that the meeting went well and I will be having a few more meetings with him.  Instead of focusing on every negative aspect of my sleeping or any other negative aspect, which it is continuing to affect me in many ways, I want to say thank you to Aaron, Ben, Beradi, Cody, Craig, Channy, Colton, Duane, Jeffrey, Joe, Lance, Marilyn, Rob, Sam, William, William (Acc.), Stephen, and Slim for being helping through all of these difficulties during the last week. I know that discussing through all of these issues have encouraging to me. Thank you for everything.

I know that the pain and suffering that I have to deal with in my sleeping is going to affect me the rest of my life. I have been reminded that God’s love, grace, and mercy is abundant and sufficient over all of my problems. Dr. Pierre reminded me of this and wants to help me fix the problem from a spiritual perspective so that I can be able to minister to others who have suffered what I am going through.

Prayer requests for this week: I am traveling back to Murfreesboro this weekend to visit some friends and great time to not think about seminary life or homework.  I will be back in Louisville on Monday.  Better sleep and finally, balancing getting caught up on reading when I return while trying to enjoy this nice Spring Break.

Thank you so much for reading….  Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone.


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