Week 8: Smoke and Mirrors

This week has been very strange. Before I get to the strange things that has happened, here is a quick recap of this week. Saturday night, we had amazing fellowship night at FKBC. I was given a shout out by Derek Meegan, karate practitioner, on Instagram live. Tuesday, we had an amazing fellowship time participating in Breakout Louisville which is like the escape room games across the United States.Our game master, Vanessa, was awesome. We called her Cortana, Jarvis, Vanna, and by her real name.  I am official caught up with House of Cards. Two more months until Season 5.  I am trying to finish watching The Crown before my Netflix trial runs out. I also watched the new Power Rangers movie last night with Stephen and John. It was a fun and entertaining movie.

My sleep has been mediocre this week. Thursday night through Sunday night was terrific. I did read the Bible and prayed before I went to bed. The past three nights has been pretty crappy.  Wednesday, I had my meeting with my accountability partner who is struggling in the same ways that I am. He jokingly said that all three of our meetings have become a pity party. I would agree with him. I have been moody, my attention span esp. reading now has become miserable, frustrated, happy, sad, emotional, etc.. this week. Stephen and Slim did set me up with an appointment with a Biblical Counselor to help me a few days ago.  I have had people who have been concerned about me and have asked me if I am suffering from depression. To set the record straight: I am not suffering from depression.  I am not the same person that started my second semester of seminary almost two months ago. Now, I am a different person who is broken on so many levels.There are days in which I do not know who I am any more.  I know that God is mighty and powerful and I have been reminding myself of his promises on a daily basis but the voices, my mind, moodiness, etc… just returns and it is driving me crazy.

Prayer requests this week: my mid-term in Personal Evangelism is next week, returning back to Murfreesboro next weekend, and pray for sleep and other things that I have mentioned.

Thank you for reading. See you next time.



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