Mysterious Symbols (Short Story)

I see these symbols.

Weird symbols in my dreams.

They control me.

Make me see weird or even crazy things.  A lot of these things have come true.

Three days ago, in my dreams, I saw a woman named Sasha. I see that she would be killed in an alleyway by two guys. They killed her for her money, which she only had $50 dollars in her purse. I warned the police about these guys the next day and they were arrested. Sasha is still alive and doing very well as I write this. These symbols are not only a blessing but a curse as well. I inherited this curse a few years ago from a girl when I was in Australia visiting that beautiful nation. But I have found a new person who can take this curse instead of me…

He looks at the mirror and he looks very old. He then breaks the fourth wall.

He says “Guess what?” He turns around and sees a guy in his mid-30’s blindfolded and gagged in a chair.

“I’m going to be cured and reverted back to being a 24 year old.”  He takes a syringe with his blood and injects it into the mid-30’s guy.

I am smiling and happy as I return to my youthful self. Knowing that I’ve ruined his life forever and guess what nothing can stop me from doing that again.



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