Week 6: Another Day of Sun

It has been another crazy week in my seminary life. Last Friday, began our Bible Study through the book of Romans for the student ministry at First Korean Baptist Church. Then on Saturday, I watched a movie called The Wailing, which is a Korean horror movie with Slim and Chan. It was scary but kinda of funny and confusing. This is a one and done movie for me.  We should have finished watching Finding Dory instead.It was also great to talk with Colton, who is one of my students from 3BC, for a few minutes.  Sunday was a tough but good day. I found out Sunday afternoon that my cousin passed away. I know that I have not seen him in a long time.  Then, I finally watched the movie Logan which was incredible. The best superhero movie since The Dark Knight.

Monday was a  pretty busy day. I did send a few emails and created a business card for the blog. Tuesday was a very long day. Nothing went right or according to plan. I slept miserable. I did not want to be around people for long periods of time. Wednesday, I was working on the outline for sections of Romans that I am teaching, which took up most of my day. I ended up ordering some mood lights for my room to at least make my room brighter when I sleep.  Yesterday, I did not sleep well again so it became another day in which I was mostly out of it. It was great to talk to Blake for a while, who was apart of my life group in the student ministry at 3BC. It was great to hear from you and agreed that people who complain about Grayson Allen tripping, there are a lot of other basketball players who try and do what it is necessary to win, even by tripping.  Thank you Stephen for showing me how to cook on an air fryer. It was amazing and you did finally, after a week, of get all of my blog titles in order. I have fallen in love with the soundtrack and score to the movie La La Land.I want to say thank you, Craig, for looking at my Romans outline and giving me feedback and suggestions before finally submitting the outline yesterday. It was also cool to wish one of my Instagram followers: Jeyhoon Jahanroshan, who is a TKD practitioner from Canada, a Happy 27th Birthday, yesterday. Your Instagram posts are so encouraging and motivating.  ^-^  

Prayer request for this week: I have a test next week in New Testament I, a paper due on next Thursday, better sleep to write, focus, and study for my classes, and next Tuesday for the funeral of my cousin, which I will not be able to attend due to my seminary work.

So thank you for reading and supporting me on my journey. Like, comment, and follow The World of Leo Davidson on Facebook and Instagram.  See you later…





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