Week 5: Two Kinds of Pain

So, this week has been crazy at seminary. Last weekend, I got to return back to Murfreesboro to visit friends for the weekend. It was amazing to see everyone back at Third Baptist Church last Sunday. I did get to teach at the last minute for the middle school guys life group. I also got to celebrate my friend Lucas birthday on Sunday for driving back to Louisville Sunday night.

Now, this is where the craziness begins. I have been not sleeping well again for most of the week. That has made me irritable, moody, and not able to completely focused on my school work and paying attention in class.  My daily schedule and routine has been like a front kick to my face. It has been chopped, diced, and rearranged to the point where that I have barely accomplished anything this week.From next week and onward, my schedule has been officially gone from calm to crazy.  My accountability partner, who I am supposed to meet up for one of my classes on a weekly basis, was a no-show on Wednesday morning and now I am officially two weeks behind. My anxiety bothered me one day this week too.

A few good things happened this week: 1. My discussion with Rob Tuesday night was amazing and so encouraging. 2. I will be co-leading our Friday night Youth Bible Study with Josh as we will be looking at the book of Romans. 3. My prayer life with God has been amazing since I started for almost a month now of Praying The Bible.

Prayer requests for this week: 1. school work  2. I have a summer camp opportunity to serve at a camp in Ohio.  3. For my body, soul, mind, and Spirit to be working well for myself to study the Bible accurately and faithfully especially for preparing to study the book of Romans on Friday night (especially for next Friday because I will be leading that session) and Bible Study on Wednesday night.  4. sleep, anxiety, etc….

Thank you so much for reading and continuing to follow my journey at Southern Seminary.  Like, comment, and follow The World of Leo.  See you later.


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