Week 4: Any Less Hurtful

This week has been very challenging in seminary. Last Friday, it all started with Murphy’s Law causing me to endure Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events. I was to grab food for our church event but do to a car wash and traffic, I was nearly 3o mins. late. Later that night, I got to watch my favorite comic book artist Francis Manapul inking Batgirl #9 cover on Instagram Live. It was amazing to watch him partially bringing Batgirl and The Penguin to life on and off again for three hours due to not sleeping well. Because of not sleeping well, Saturday was a sluggish day for reading homework but it was better because I started to watch House of Cards and got to watch Alex Wong (a regularly posted Taekwondo martial artist on The World of Leo) filming some of her video on Instagram Live and her videographer did read my question. That was awesome. It was still a wasted day on the reading side of my classes at seminary.

Saturday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night were miserable sleeping nights. It led me to write two of the hardest blogs this week and the biggest inspiration was myself. It also led me to listening to Linkin Park,because their music is the closest thing to explaining what I was going through, Jeff Beal and Hans Zimmer because House of Cards and Inception became the only music to put me to sleep even when I could not sleep at night during the past week.  My friend Trey, Stephen, Slim, and others started to encourage me to pray, exercise, etc… to being more positive, reliant of God, and better lifestyle.  I have started to do that. My other friend started to torment me: anxiety. IT started on Tuesday and it was relentless for most of the day. I prayed and prayed to get rid of it but it kept on coming back.  I went to the Dollar Store to pick up a few items and to do an assignment for one of my classes. What happened was a divine conversation with a lady who was Christian and she prayed for me…  It is amazing at how God answers prayers in an amazing way in a very short time.

Prayer Requests for this week: safe travels back to the Nashville area this weekend to see friends, school, living a better lifestyle, and pray that sleep and anxiety will go away.

Thank you for reading and continuing to support me in this journey. See you later.


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