Week 3: Speaking unto Nations

So, this week of seminary has been a roller coaster ride.So, where do I start? Last Friday, All of the youth groups in Louisville had its Youth United event at First Korean Baptist Church and it was awesome. Saturday, I had did some reading for one of my classes. Sunday was my first rest day of the semester.I finally got a chance to watch the movie, The King’s Speech. Terrific movie. Then, I started to read, listen, and practice speaking to King George VI speech that signaled Britain declaration of war into entering World War II in 1939.  I really need that because I have been reading non stop for the past week.

Highlights of this week:  Kenny and myself had a reading of Psalms, Proverbs, and different books of the Bible and listening to classical music Tuesday night. I got to show my roommate Stephen and Slim some of my background work as being an extra on the TV show Nashville.   I am super happy for my friend/former student Vanessa for accepting Christ last week at UNITE. I found that out by my conversation with Adam on Tuesday.

So, here is where the roller coaster ride starts. For the past week, I have been having back pain. As in, I cannot walk or stand up for up to 10 mins. at a time. I also have been issues with mood swings the past few days.  My friend Trey, Joe, and others have been encouraging and praying for me. I have never been like this before.Trey encouraged me so much yesterday. I am so thankful to have him and others as my brothers in Christ both here at Southern Seminary, FKBC, and everyone back in TN.  As I am writing this, I am feeling better but I am still having pain.

Prayer requests for this weekend/ upcoming week:  school, my backpain, having a positive attitude, upcoming witnessing opportunity in the next few days, and my first trip back to TN next weekend.

Thanks for reading another chapter of The Real World of Leo.  Good bye.


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