Week 2: Moments of Escape

Two weeks of seminary has been completed. It has been an eventful week in my life. Let’s start with last Saturday as we could not find a place to see the Super Bowl. We were able to watch at church last Sunday night. It was a great time of fellowship. I will not digress too much into the Super Bowl. I will say that it was the best sports comeback that I have ever seen in my life. Heechan and myself were the only Patriots fans in our small group.  I have been reliving the amazing comeback engineered by Tom Brady and company all this week.

On Monday, my request of changing from the MDiv to MA degree path last week became official.  I am now a Masters of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry at Southern starting this summer.   Tuesday, I had a chance to have lunch and get to know my friend Trey a lot better.  The past couple of nights I have not been sleeping well. So I downloaded a new program to my computer that will change the lighting on my computer at the suggestion of my roommate.  I am going to try this for the weekend and see if this works or not.

Prayer requests for this week: better sleep, remove the nagging back pain that I have been having for a while, and school

Thanks for reading the second chapter of The Real World of Leo. See you next time.

Go Pats!!!

P.S. : Most of all of my weekly journals titles are named after tracks from TV or film scores that I listen too.



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