Week 1: This is My Story

After two months and a week, my official weekly journal of my seminary life is back.

I have official completed my first week of my second semester in seminary and it has been amazing.  I was concerned because of the long winter break that it would take me a week to get back into routine. Unfortunately, it took me under a day to get back into a routine. I am taking three classes this semester: Intro to New Testament 1, Personal Spiritual Disciplines (PSD), and Personal Evangelism.  I am living with one of my roommates from last semester Stephen and my friend/ church member Slim.  It was great to be around the people at First Korean Baptist Church Sunday as we had a celebration of the Lunar New Year.  I did meet up with a new friend by the name of Trey, who lived in the Nashville area. He is in my Personal Evangelism class. Hopefully, sometime during the semester that I will get to know him better.

I know that this semester is going to be much harder due to reading journals that I will have to keep up with for the next three months and tons of reading.

I do want to say thank you to the following people who have allowed me to live with you over the past two months back in the Nashville area: Rob and your family and Lucas and your family.

Prayer Requests for this week: Possible mission trip that I might be going on in a few months and keeping up with the reading for all of my classes this semester.

Thank you so much for your prayers and all of my friends and family who are supporting me in this journey.

See you later.






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