Week 10 -Time Stands Still

This has been a very rough week for me at seminary.  Let’s start with the good things about this past week. First, last Friday was an amazing day. I got to see the movie Miss Peregrin and attended a Youth United event with all of the different Korean English Student Ministries in Louisville. Amazing day. I visited the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary last Saturday to borrow a book from their library.  This week we had The Expositors Summit which was amazing to hear Dr. Mohler, Steven Lawson, and Alistair Begg speaking for three days about how to preach and not to dilute the Bible.

It has been a rough week because of : A).   One of them, I received my mid term back on Tuesday and got a failing grade on it. I lost forty points due to supposedly not writing two other essays on the exam. I read the instructions and it said to only write one of the six essays.  My other class, I took the third quiz that we had last night and I thought I did great on it. Instead, I received the same grade on the quiz that I got on the previous two.

B.) All of my close friends have alienated me worse by talking about how they are getting amazing grades and everything for them is happy go lucky. It has pushed my frustration level to the brink. I have been studying a lot for all of the quizzes and tests that I have but still not showing any progress. I know that some people have noticed my frustrations and anger towards them this week. I have been praying that God will give me peace and understanding this week.

C.) I have been not sleeping well at all this wee I know when I am not sleeping well that leads into being frustrated with people,lack of appetite, and other things.

D.)  There are a few more reasons that have caused me to have a rough week but I will not elaborate about those.

I want to say thank you to Aaron, Colton, Craig, Bryan, Duane, and Adam for being encouragement warriors to me this week.

Prayer requests this week:  patience, kindness, love, all of the upcoming papers and tests, better sleep, and replacing frustration and anger with peace.

Thank you so much for following in this journey with your support and prayers everyday.  Good bye…




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