Week 8: Hope

What an incredible start for the final half of the semester at seminary. I did see a Doctor Strange IMAX 3D preview on Monday night which was awesome. Did a lot of reading ,studying, and preparing for a test the past few days leading up to the exam on Tuesday and worked on a book review that was due on Wednesday.

My roommate Stephen and I had an amazing conversation Wednesday night about God and how the way that he has never given up on humanity from Noah to Jesus to Paul to the present.  We also expressed our feelings about transitioning from our former lives as leaders at the churches that we served in to learning and be equipped to become pastors at the future churches that we will be serving in.

Dr.Timothy Paul Jones, one of my professors who specialize in Discipleship and Family Ministry, taught an incredible lesson on Wednesday about the history of family ministry and he re-ignited a passion of mine, outside of student ministry, which is How does the church find ways to reach young adults (ages 22-29) in the 21th Century?  The numbers for the dropout of young adults involved in church is very high and lots of factors.  I had this same exact conversation with Lane Monday night.

Finally, last Saturday was awesome because I finally got to serve and be involved with the student ministry at First Korean Baptist Church.  It has been a major struggle of mine for the past month and a half of not being involved in a student ministry in a leading or supporting role. It will be a unique journey that I will get to experience the next couple of years.

P.S.  New Star Wars Rogue One Trailer was awesome.

My prayer requests for this next week are: Time Management, upcoming assignments of the next few weeks, and patience.

Thank you so much for continuing to support me in this journey through your constant encouragement and prayers through out the week.  See you later.




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