Week Zero: Homecoming

In last week’s blog, I originally said that I was not going to write a personal blog next week because of fall break. I changed my mind.  This week was amazing. It was a good chance to go home and get rejuvenated for the final six weeks of seminary. It was great to visit 3BC on Sunday morning and Wednesday night (which was my first Wed. night to attend since leaving for seminary). It was great to see old friends who I haven’t seen in a while.  I was also spending my fall break studying and reading for a book review and test next week.  So that was fun…

Tuesday, I had to get my car to the shop for some maintenance issues which took all day to get fixed. It gets even better, which is a blessing from God, that I did not have to pay for the service on my car.  I want to say thanks to Craig and Aaron for picking me up and taking me to church and back to the dealership Tuesday.

My prayer requests this week is for the exam this upcoming Tuesday, book review on Wednesday, and a paper due on Thursday.

Thank you so much for reading and continuing to support me on this journey. Like, comment, and follow this blog. See ya!


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