Week 7: Magnetic

It has been a frantic but magnetic week in seminary.  Started off with a powerful Sunday at First Korean Baptist Church.  Pastor Joe talked about acceptable worship and it was a powerful sermon. Then I watched Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan in a movie theater.  I have seen the movie so much but a chance of a lifetime to see it in on the big screen.  My roommate Stephen has given me a new nickname Wednesday. It is very catchy.  I turned in my first ever book Wednesday.  Mrs. O, my professor, loved it and gave me some suggestions.  Due to my Old Testament exam being the day after fall reading break, so our quiz originally scheduled for fall break was pushed forward to yesterday.  So, I only had one night to read both 1st and 2nd Samuel and reading about 60 pages in a book for the quiz.  Thank you Colton for suggesting me to drink coffee when I was struggling to stay awake after reading 5 pages in my almost 60 pages of reading.  Without your suggestion, Colton, I probably would have went to sleep.

My allergies are doing much better and I am not miserable anymore.  My prayer requests for fall break: I have to study for my OT exam, read a book for a book review, paper,  and my tooth pain. I have been having some slight discomfort on my right side for a few days now. I know that one of the side effects of this medication that I have been taking is tooth pain.

I will not do an update blog next week due to fall break and being back in the Nashville area.     Thank you so much for reading, support, and continued prayers in this journey.

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