Week Six: Allegro and Variations

This week has been amazing at seminary. I am feeling so much better from my sinus infection minus the occasional allergy flare up. I was little upset at my quiz in Old Testament class on Tuesday. Still not being able to pick the professor’s style. Later in the day, I realized that I am to never give up and keep on going. On Sunday, I got to experience a joint English/Korean service at First Korean Baptist Church. It was amazing. I loved it for the fact that the service had contemporary songs intermixed with hymns, responsive readings, and songs performed by the choir.  The choir performed a special song that Sunday morning that was so beautiful that was angelic. Also, I am a new member of the English Ministry of First Korean Baptist Church on Sunday. I got to experience something so unique in the fact that they had a membership dinner for all of the new members that Sunday night.

9/20/16  —  We celebrated my roommate Stephen birthday going out to eat for dinner. Maybe about an hour into dinner, we had a lady and her daughter come up to us and wanted to pray for us as she over heard us early in the dinner talking about different hymns and saw that we were in seminary. As we got ready to leave, our server come up to us and tells us that our dinner, which was over $60 split between seven students, was paid for by the lady who prayed for us. We were shocked but then we realized that God works in mysterious ways and that God is good all the time.

My prayer requests for me this week as I have an exam, test, and a paper due. I ask that you also pray for me for patience and endurance to continue to run this race that God has set before me.   I do also want to say thank you to so many people back in Murfreesboro and in different places across the U.S. who continue to pray, encourage, call, text, or  with social media messages. I miss so many of you guys and I love each and everyone of you.    Thank you so much for reading and continuing to follow my journey.



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