Seasons of Change (poem)

Every person at least once in their life, experience seasons of change….

That change is not seeing the leaves fall from the trees toward the end of summer to signify the fall season…

It could be changing from being a die-hard soccer fanatic to a die-hard martial arts fanatic.

That change in season from the lukewarm weather in fall to the frigid weather of winter..

It could be graduating college and leaving everything you accomplished to going on into the real world to pursue your dream job…

That change in season from a winter wonderland to seeing the leaves return on the trees in the season of spring…

It could be changing from being a movie fanatic to being a nature watcher.

The nice cool spring weather changes to a burning inferno in the season of summer.

It could be moving locations from the palm beaches of Miami, Florida to the busy streets of London, England..

We now change from summertime to returning again to season of fall and we have all experienced seasons of change…




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