Week Five: Fight Back

It has been another crazy week in my life.  I am getting better from my sinus infection. Still have the occasional sinus or headache flare ups through out the day. I have been sleeping much better now. It has been a few days since I wrote the blog about self-praising myself. I can tell you that I have been doing a lot more. I know that it has been very stressful to deal with seminary life, schoolwork, and getting over an infection at the same time. I needed to step back and re-evaluate the way that I encourage myself but also to my friends, disciples, etc…  I do want to say thank to so many who have been so encouraging the past few weeks during this time. I have fallen in love with the Old Testament class that I am and have learned so much about the Old Testament in a month about the different covenants, etc.. than I have ever had before.    There is one other big thing that happened this week that I have told some of you..  I cannot talk about it right now..

I do ask that you pray for me this week as I am still getting over the infection, a huge paper that has to be completed by next Tuesday, and quiz.. Thank you so much for everyone who is continuing to encourage me through social media, txt message, or phone calls.

Thanks for reading.  See you later.





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