Week Four: Seasons in Reverse

It has been another crazy week of seminary. I am getting over my sinus infection but still having the sinus pressure that still is plaguing me in my sleep and day to day activities. Because of all of the medication that I have been taking has really affected my relationships with my friends. I had to stop going out or not doing as many activities with people to due to the infection and chronic pain that I am getting from the headaches in the past week. I had to put my Taekwondo training on hold due to reasons that I am not going to elaborate.  I will say that I will continue to train and learn the moves that I already know and might possibly train in another martial art.  My relationship with Christ has been neglected as well. I had a few skipped days of having prayer and reading God’s Word.   I know that I am going through a trial and my goal in this is to continue to Love God and Love People on a daily basis.

I do want to say thank you to so many of you for your prayers and support this past week. I do also want to say thank to my instructor Master Deuchars and my friends for being amazing people who have been super encouraging during this time.  I do ask that for the upcoming week to pray for me for the following: strength, patience, endurance, all of the fruits of the Spirit, and for upcoming papers and tests.

Thank you so much for supporting the World of Leo in this journey. Like, comment, and follow this blog.  See ya later.



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