Week Three: Madness

It has been a very crazy week three at seminary.  I have been fighting a very bad sinus infection that has caused me to become very moody, irritable, lost a lot of sleep, and now I am on a lot of medication that I am feeling much better. I have shown that frustration to so many people like my roommates, friends,  close friends, and family this week.  It has been very hard to focus on doing and being motivated to doing homework or studying for quizzes when you are not feeling well.


I told my roommate Stephen last night that I was sorry for being this way to them for over the past week and he told me that him and some of my friends have been praying for me and very understanding that I was under a lot of stress right now.  That was so encouraging to me because I have not been Leo at all for a while.  They have been super encouraging and really have been shining lights to me the past week of craziness and pain, I know that God really put me here for a reason.  I have been learning a lot from them.

I will also let out a huge secret that I have told some people last week and a few more people this week but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. I did take 2 intro. Taekwondo classes this week.  It was amazing to do something that I used to do and it felt great. I got to let go of my problems and school work for even a small bit and I did accomplish a huge milestone in my life. I did get to also break a board and now officially a white belt for the 2nd time ever.  ^-^    I know that you who are listed here :(Thomas, Colton, Khalfani, and Joshua), thank you so much for you encouragement and support in this endeavor. I know that you guys have broken more boards than I have.

I know that this week has been up and down but I am thankful for God and his ultimate forgiveness for all of my sins and failures. I am thankful for all of you who have been very supportive of this journey and continue to pray for me on a daily basis.  Pray that I get better from this infection and schoolwork and being more open to my roommates about my problems.




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