Week Two

My second week in seminary has concluded. The biggest thing that I have learned this week has been the word community.  I feel like that my closest friends have been really encouraging me to grow deeper in understanding about God. They love God so much that it is real and ever present.  My biggest struggle this week has been frustration.  I have not been sleeping well again this week due to my allergies and other problems.  I know myself that if I do not sleep, I really become a different person. Two personalities will be revealed to anyone.   A. I become a very quiet and want to be myself.    B. I become a very angry madman.

I ask for my friends, family, and followers of the blog to pray for the requests that I am writing..

  1. Pray that I retain the material needed for next Tuesday’s Old Testament quiz.
  2. Patience
  3. heart attitudes and fruits of the Spirit
  4. better sleep

Thank you to so many people who have been praying for me daily and encouraging me in so many ways through phone calls, txt, FB, etc…


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