Day One

I have survived my first day of classes at seminary.  Before my first class started, I really felt like the character Riley from Inside Out this morning because I have not been sleeping well at all, the past three days, because of my allergies. My emotions were all riled up and I was really frustrated. My roommates get really amazing sleep and I have been only getting maybe 2 or 3 good hours of sleep and the rest is tossing and turning.  Adam, Duane, Aaron, and other who have been to seminary for right about one thing: lots and lots of reading. I have not read this much in my life.  My first class was a lot of information that went over my head but I understood it because of reading the book last night.  The second class today is going to be an awesome experience.   Two prayer requests from me that I ask  readers, friends, and family who read this blog  is: 1.better sleep and 2. better attitude.

Thank you to so many who are following this journey with me.


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