A New Beginning

In starting a new beginning in my life at Southern in Louisville would be difficult. I know that living with roommates that you don’t know would be challenging.  I have experienced a lot of challenges in this area both in college and living on my own for the past three and a half years. That was one of my concerns going into seminary the past few weeks. Instead, God has provided me with two awesome roommates in under two days of knowing them that their passion of knowing about Christ is real and super encouraging to me. I am glad that my biggest concern is no longer a concern. All praise goes to God.  I am learning how to adapt to new personalities, new cultures, etc…  I am super thankful to all of those people who have praying, encouraging, and supporting me in this new journey of my life.  I am very grateful to have an amazing church at 3BC and other people who have been huge support to me.  Thanks for everything.

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