Fear of The Unknown

Hey, I hope that your day is going well. Today, I will be talking about fear. Two questions that I will pose to you.  First,  How do we face the fear of the unknown?  and Second, How do we overcome fear?     I know that for most of us, we do have some kind of fear like the fear of spiders, fear of heights, etc…    Before I will answer both questions, please watch the clip from The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

In the clip, Bruce Wayne climbs to escape from the pit that Bane placed him there. Before he jumps,  he starts to fear the jump because he failed two previous attempts to make the jump and then he sees his biggest fear suddenly appears, bats.  How do we face the fear of the unknown?  Sometimes it requires us to take a leap of faith.  I will use an example to answer the first question.  Today, I had a friend of mine who posted on social media that he was fearful of his next Taekwondo testing sometime next month.  I used my current situation as an example.  I am moving next month to Louisville, KY to go to Southern Seminary and I am going through a lot of emotions right now especially fear. I am fearful of leaving everything behind to follow after God’s plan.  I did remind him of one verse:  Joshua 1:9  which means that no matter what we are going through that God is with us.  My friend is going through a difficult situation just as much as I am going through.  I do know that God is with us and GUESS WHAT, God has our back. He knows everything.  He knows the outcome. We have to put our trust in HIM.

How do we overcome fear?  Simple.  We have to continue to put our trust in God.  HE knows everything.  He knows what is going to happen for my friend and his Taekwondo testing next month. He also knows what the future is in store for me when I move to  Louisville next month for seminary.  So we continue to put our trust in God by reading the Bible and prayer on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for reading this blog.  Hope that this is encouragement to you to trust in God and replacing fear.  Please like, comment, and follow this blog. I hope that you have an amazing day.



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