I will be talking today about Truth vs Lie, a conflict within us. I know that we have all struggled in our lives between telling the truth and telling a lie. Now, we do have a choice and it’s an internal conflict that can change our life: for good or bad.  To go further with this idea, view the clip below from The Matrix (1999).

Morpheus gives Neo two choices from the clip above, the blue pill or the red pill. So what do you choose: being truthful (blue) or lying (red) ? In a way, you’re character and personality is defined by what choose to say. Do you choose honesty and integrity (blue) or choose slander and malice (red) ?  How does this (truth vs. lie) change our life?

It reveals the condition of our heart.

If you love and care about that special person in your life, best friend, family member, etc… you have chosen the blue pill, which means that your character is built on honesty and integrity. It means that you will do anything to help them but also speaking the truth in love and honesty, when you see flaws in that person’s life. Examples of that in my life right now is: James, Rob, Thomas, and Karsten

If you care about lying to get what you want and it doesn’t matter who you hurt, you have chosen the red pill.  That means that you only care about yourself and if it means to lie, steal, or destroy another person’s reputation, etc..  Example of that in my life right now is: “Kate”- name has changed to protect identity

So, What do you choose: Blue or Red?

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