A Fallen Idol

I hope that your day is going well. Today, I will be talking about idols. So, how do we overcome those idols that we make in our lives like being the president of the PTO association that you kid attends at school, a supervisor position at work, etc…  Before I discuss further, watch the clip from The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

The best moment of the clip is when Bane takes the picture of Harvey Dent, in front of Blackgate Prison, and rips it up in two.  So, How do we destroy idols that we have created in our lives that consume us?

God doesn’t want us to make idols out of anything.  He doesn’t want us to put our job, sports team, or anything in our lives before him.  God wants us to submit to him and to put all of our trust in HIM on a daily basis.   I will end with a question for you to consider and reflect on:  Do you put God first in your life and follow after his commands or Do you put something  (sports, relationship with someone, career, etc…) before God?  

Thanks for reading and hopefully that this post has been an encouragement to you. I hope that enjoy the rest of the your day.




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