Omega: A Short Story

Hey, I hope that your day is going well. Today is a first for this blog as I will be posting my short story entitled  “Omega: A Tale of Revenge vs. Retribution”,  which is about two friends who practice Taekwondo who used to be friends and now they are enemies. Before you read this story, I would love to say thank you to some awesome friends of mine who read this story before I posted it and provided feedback and comments. Here are the consulting editors of this story:  Aaron Earls, Marilyn Hutchinson, and Rob Effler. My Taekwondo expert and editor Joshua Waldron provided me with so much feedback on the first draft and made a big suggestion to me to “make the story more detailed and colorful.” I do also say thanks to my other editor, Craig Myers for suggestions to improve the 2nd draft of the story.  So grab some coffee or a cup of tea and enjoy reading this story

OMEGA third draft revised

Disclaimer: All of these characters are fictional and do not represent any living people.

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