Who do you represent?

Hey, I hope that your day is going well.  Today, I will talk about representation. For many of us, we represent our family through our last name every day in our normal day to day lives or do we represent a club, social activity, or on a sports team.  To set up the clip that you will view from the movie, Goal: The Dream Begins (2005), Santiago Munez is playing for Newcastle United on the reserve squad and is learning how to adapt to English football.

A big moment occurs in the clip, when the coach tells Santiago, after running after for 3 soccer balls, that he is representing the team, Newcastle United, not himself when he is playing or training for the team. For so many of us, we represent so many different things when we are a part of society. I know that I represent so many different things on a daily basis but more importantly, I am representing Jesus Christ through my life, actions, and personality and making him known to the world.  I end off this blog with a question to you (the reader):  “Who and what do you represent?”

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