How to Overcome Failure

Today, I will be talking about a topic that we have all dealt with in some way in our lives: failure.  I know that we have failed at something in our life: a test, a class, or a big promotion at work.  Now, watch this clip from October Sky (1999)  and I will discuss how to overcome failure.

Throughout the entire clip, you see that Homer Hickham and his friends were attempting to launch rocket after rocket with all of them exploding. In many ways, we can look at all of the failures of our lives but in many ways, we must learn to pick our self up, and try again.  How do we overcome failure?  I will use myself as an example: My biggest failure in my life was my Japanese class at UT Martin.  I failed so much in learning the language, the tests,  all three Japanese classes, (and retook them a lot), etc…. but how did I overcome failure?  I had to admit to myself that in order to pass the class that I needed help and had to focus more in class, spend more time learning the class in language lab, and tutoring. I did pass all three of my Japanese classes and why that Hammond-sensei (the word teacher in Japanese) was one of my favorite professors because she wanted me to succeed, no matter how many times that I failed.  I will end with a quote from Bruce Lee: “Don’t Fear Failure…  In Great Attempts, It is glorious even to fail.”

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope that this post is an encouragement to you not to “fear failure” but to go and succeed.



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