Never Give Up

Part 1:   Self- Discipline

Last Wednesday night, 3BC Student Ministry had a Taekwondo demonstration featuring Colton, Thomas, Khalfani, and Joshua (members of the student ministry) and it was awesome. When they were warming up and meditating to being on the same page with each other, it brought back a lot of memories from when I was in Taekwondo almost 20 years ago.  I never finished and I don’t remember too much about it except for one funny story. ( that’s another story for another day).    Adam, 3BC student pastor, used the demonstration to talk to the students within the student ministry about spiritual discipline and how that related to the way that they should be walking in their day to day lives with Christ.  The question that he left them with was “What belt (karate belt) that your spiritual discipline is at?”  I will admit that the past few months, I have been undisciplined and struggling with old sins that have been plaguing me.   This past week, I have been looking at Bible verses that deal with spiritual discipline.  I need to memorize more scripture verses and I need to devote more time in following after the desires of God, not of this world.   The website below is where I was looking at Bible verses about self-discipline:

Part 2:  Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

The next day (Thursday), I was telling my Banquet Captain Danielle about the demonstration and how that really brought back a passion to finish what I didn’t do, almost 20 years ago and that was getting a black belt in Taekwondo.  Danielle encourgaged me to go for it.  I told her that I would think about it.   I told the same story to my friend, Behrad, and he surprised me with saying that he was in Taekwondo and has a black belt.  Just like Danielle, he encouraged me to join again.  Monday night, (and this was very late like after 11 P.M.), I saw a video that Thomas posted on FB about Taekwondo with the words “Awesomeness.”  Anytime that I see any one post something with the words awesome on FB, that means to me that this video is going to be “Off the Hook.” After watching the video, it made me realize that I want to return to practicing Taekwondo in the near future again.

Part 3:  Never Give Up

To summarize what Taekwondo and spiritual discipline have in common,  I look at the title of a sermon that Levi Lusko did just a few weeks with the title, “Never Give Up.”  Lusko reminds us that we are to never give up because God won the fight for us, no matter what Satan, demons, etc.. throws at us.  God doesn’t want us to live with regrets or a never give up attitude.  I might have regretted not finishing Taekwondo or struggling with self-discipline but God has given me so much that those successes in my life overpowers regrets on a daily basis because I know that God has not given up on me yet… and he continues to love me unconditionally.

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